[GE users] verifying the installation

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Fri Oct 29 10:21:37 BST 2004


"ps" shows the effective user id, not the real user id of a process usually.

Try to "kill" these processes as user sgeadmin and you'll see you won't

It's similar with the X server e.g. on Sun - it shows under your user id but
it's real uid is root.

Starting SGE daemons as user root is mandatory for the execd (unless you use
it for test only purposes), qmaster (if it binds a port below 1024) and it's
optional for the scheduler.


On Thu, 28 Oct 2004, Jason Crane wrote:

> Hi,
> The ge6 installation guide "verifying the installation"
> section indicates that the master and exec node daemons
> should be running as root:
> root 439 /gridware/sge/bin/solaris/sge_qmaster
> root 446 /gridware/sge/bin/solaris/sge_schedd
> root 171 /gridware/sge/bin/solaris/sge_execd
> However, after running a ge6 auto-install as root the
> daemons come up running as sgeadmin:
> sgeadmin  1019 /netopt/sge/bin/sol-sparc64/sge_qmaster
> sgeadmin  1024 /netopt/sge/bin/sol-sparc64/sge_schedd
> sgeadmin  22085 /netopt/sge/bin/sol-sparc64/sge_execd
> Is this expected, or will it affect functionality in any
> way?
> Thank you,
> Jason

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