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Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Fri Oct 29 19:22:22 BST 2004

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> 1) Regardless of the queue priority and the queue used, multi-processor
> jobs ALWAYS have higher priority and are run first.  I have a 'group1.q'
> and an 'all.q' that is subordinate to 'group1.q'.  If I submit a
> parallel job to 'all.q', it MUST have lower priority than any job that
> gets submitted to group1.q.  How can this be accomplished?

changing the priority to -1023 with qsub is not an option?

> 2) My two research groups would like to divide the cluster resources in
> half, e.g. one group gets 6 nodes and the other group gets the other 6
> nodes.  However, they also want the option to run on ALL of the nodes.
> The caveat is that if one group's job prevents the other group from
> running jobs, the scheduler should remove enough offending jobs from the
> queue to allow the rightful group to run their job(s).
> Currently, I have three queues, group1.q, group2.q and all.q.  all.q is
> subordinate to both group1.q and group2.q via the queue_conf parameter
> subordinate_list.  I would like my group1.q and group2.q queues to
> delete any job running in all.q that is preventing a scheduled job to
> the two high priority queues from running.  How can this be
> accomplished?

if I understand the problem in the correct way, you have to use a 
suspend-method for all.q which will kill or requeue the job. There was a 
discussion about:


The only problem may be any defined resources. They are not freed, before the 
all.q job is killed, and so preventing from starting the job in group[12].q at 

Cheers - Reuti

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