[GE users] allocation rules for node usage

Dave Stirling dcs at et.byu.edu
Wed Sep 8 17:11:35 BST 2004


We are transitioning from a long-time LoadLeveler and PBS shop to
GridEngine on some of our (dual processor) Linux systems, and in the
conversion the question has arisen with regard to node usage.  Some
applications have a requirement that each slot in the parallel job be run
on a different node (i.e., 8 slots on 8 nodes), while other applications
require the job to run on as few nodes as possible (8 slots on 4 nodes).

I've found the allocation rule documentation in SGE_PE(5) and I see a way
to do this by creating separate parallel environments, one with the
$fill_up allocation rule and the other with the $round_robin (or "1")
allocation rule.  The user would then specify the appropriate pe at job
submission time.  Is this the best way to do this?

On a related note, I have a user asking me if it's possible to request
nodes in what LoadLeveler calls "not shared" usage, where the entire node
is reserved even though the job only occupies a single slot on the node.
Is this possible with GridEngine?


Dave Stirling
Supercomputing Administrator
Ira & Mary Lou Fulton Supercomputing Center
Brigham Young University
email: dave_stirling at byu.edu

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