[GE users] Yet another qdel mpich problem (SGE 6.0u1)

Vladimir Florinski vflorins at ucr.edu
Wed Sep 8 19:52:54 BST 2004

On Wed, 2004-09-08 at 07:53, Sean Dilda wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-09-07 at 19:54, Vladimir Florinski wrote:
> > It appears the problem with the qdel command (inability to terminate the
> > children processes) continues to haunt MPI users. 
> I do no have this problem on my cluster.  I used to have it, but fixed
> it by hacking mpich to not create its own process group by default. 
> There's also a similar fix you can do in the submit script.
> > #$ -N inst-nn-6
> > #$ -cwd
> > #$ -pe mpi 2-10
> > #$ -v MPIR_HOME
> > /opt/mpich-gm/bin/mpirun.ch_gm --gm-no-shmem -machinefile
> > $TMPDIR/machines --gm-kill 15 -np $NSLOTS ./mpi_main -new 100.0
> Is this script in tcsh?  If so, try adding the line:
> before your call to mpirun.
> One note, I don't use the myrinet extensions, so I'm not sure if that
> will change things or not.

I forgot to mention that I tried this suggestion already using


(my startup is a bash script), but it didn't fix the qdel problem. Is
this supposed to work with MPICH 1.2.5? Perhaps the version of MPICH
distributed by Myricom does not have this enabled...

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