[GE users] Memory hard limit seems to be ignored on sge 5.3p5 version

Korambath, Prakashan ppk at ats.ucla.edu
Mon Sep 13 16:46:01 BST 2004

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   I have  a cluster with sge 5.3p5 installed.  I set the memory hard limit to 1.5 GB for the queue through h_data limit.  But the job seems to be using 1.9 GB as per top command and is still going ok. Also output of qhost shows 1.9 GB MEMUSE as well. I was expecting SGE to kill the job once it exceeded 1.5 GB.   Is there any way to enforce the limit of memory usage to 1.5 GB?  Thanks.


s_rt                 INFINITY
h_rt                 INFINITY
s_cpu                INFINITY
h_cpu                INFINITY
s_fsize              INFINITY
h_fsize              1.5G
s_data               INFINITY
h_data               1.5G
s_stack              INFINITY
h_stack              INFINITY
s_core               INFINITY
h_core               1.5G
s_rss                INFINITY
h_rss                INFINITY
s_vmem               INFINITY
h_vmem               INFINITY

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