[GE users] login shells (revisited)

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Mon Sep 13 20:36:21 BST 2004

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Quoting "Boone J. Severson" <severson at cray.com>:

> I've searched the archives, and I think I have a handle on why the 
> problem exists but was unable to obtain a "generic" solution.

which was the original thread and problem?
> The following command is not treated as a login, so if it is a script 
> executes binaries located in a special PATH set in a users .rc file, or 
> other such environment variables, it would fail because the 
> .*rc/.profile files are not sourced.
> % qrsh -l arch=x86_64 name_of_script

When a script name is used, you can use -V.
> Do scripts have to be rewritten to duplicate what's seen in when 
> sourcing a login script (but converted to csh syntax if the normal shell 
> is ksh/bash), or is there an SGE setting that will force qrsh to log in 
> regardless? I got the impression that changing SGE from posix_behavior 
> to unix_behavior might help assuming the scripts had #!/bin/<shell> 
> <login_command_line_switch> which for bash is "#!/bin/bash -l" (I 
> think). The bummer here is that now the script is hardcoded to login to 
> a certain shell, and people here use ksh, csh, tcsh, and bash. There 
> would have to be 4 versions of the script depending on what shell people 
> used or else everyone would have to maintain .*rc files for all 4 
> shells. Is there a generic solution to make qrsh log in no matter how it 
> was used?

You have to use different scripts anyway I think (or I understand you in the 
wrong way). If you have a bash script and a user having set csh as login shell 
.. what should happen?

CU - Reuti

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