[GE users] SGE 6.0 and 6.0u1 IA64 binaries

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 15 01:33:40 BST 2004

I compiled SGE6.0u1 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3,
which has gcc 3.4.1.

In order to compile clean, there are 2 places I needed
to change:

1) in aimk:1519
"... suppress gcc 3.3.x warnings"
expr `gcc -dumpversion` : 3.3 

We should either fix the gcc warnings, or adjust the
code in aimk so that we check whether the version is
greater than 3.3.

2) in libs/evm/sge_event_master.c:2404


"should_exit" is a function, but we do !should_exit,
which is basically doing a NOT of a function pointer!

Looks like a bug?

Other than the 2 complication problems mentioned
above, SGE6.0u1 works fine with "-spool-classic" and
"-no-secure" on IA64 Linux 2.4.x.


--- "Shannon V. Davidson" wrote: 
> A Raytheon customer requested lx24-ia64 (Intel
> Itanium 2) binaries for 
> Grid Engine 6.0, so I compiled them and have placed
> the binary 
> distributions for SGE 6.0 and SGE 6.0u1 on the Grid
> Engine project 
> download list - 
>  The 
> customer has reported that the binaries are working
> fine.  The 
> distributions were compiled using the following
> (borrowed) environment:
> gcc 2.96
> openssl 0.9.6b
> bdb-4.2.52
> I can't promise to always provide IA64 binaries, but
> we do have several 
> customers with Itanium-based machines and I'm glad
> to upload any binary 
> distributions that I produce.  These binaries are
> provided "as is" with 
> no express or implied warranty.
> Cheers,
> Shannon

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