[GE users] Best method to upgrade from 5.2.x to 5....

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Wed Sep 15 10:35:43 BST 2004


>> Why not upgrading to 6.0?
> I'm always very nervous about upgrading to any ".0" release.  I'd rather
> let the bugs shake out for awhile.  Is there anything fixed in 6.0 that
> was a serious problem in 5.3p6?  I don't need the new features I've read
> about.

Well, we are already at 6.0u1 which would be called 6.0.1 from other

The cluster queues are cool in my opinion and the "urgency" policy allows to
setup a really simple priority scheme to mimic the "priority queues" concept
in other queueing systems.

Since a couple of things changed between 5.2 and 5.3 and again to 6.0 I
think it's not worth to migrate two times.

I think many users have 6.0 in production - I hope they can confirm that the
current release is production ready (check Issuezilla). Not to forget what
would happen if nobody would upgrade to a new release!

>> What about creating a new directory SGE...
> I'm already doing this to test the new version, and it may be the way we
> go.  However, its more complicated because we will have to manage a fixed
> set of software licenses between the two installations until all are
> running on the new one.

That more or less the only possibility. Run old jobs in the old cluster,
close the queues and open the new cluster.


>> Are all the files in "default" path compatible?  Can I install a 5.3p6
>> version and simply copy over the default directory structure and
> restart?
>> Or do I need to reinstall all queues from scratch?
> why not upgrading to 6.0? But anyway, let's assume you share the CODINE
> directory via NFS. What about creating a new directory sge, install the
> new
> version there and use a different combination of ports for the new
> installation? Then it should be possible to have two installations on one
> server. Depending on the sourced file during login you use one or the
> other.
> After adjusting the /etc/exports (to have both during the upgrade) you can
> switch one node after the other to the new version. Let the users submit
> to the
> new installation only and each time a node is free you can switch it to
> the new
> SGE - and the last node you use to run all the remaining jobs in the old
> 5.2.3.
> I don't have 5.2.3 handy, but as far as I remember, the services were also
> could different (codine_commd, or was it already sge_commd?).
> Cheers - Reuti

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