[GE users] number of CPUs limit per user

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Sep 16 00:36:08 BST 2004

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Hi Dave,

>overall.  For example, I'd like to prevent a single user from occupying
>more than 96 processors at a given time, but I don't care if that user is
>running 96 single-processor jobs or one 96-processor pe job (or anything

there is not direct way to set the slots per user, maybe this should be added 
in some way... (also to limit slots per PE call, limit the slots a user can 
have in one specific cluster queue, or like your wish in the total system).

One idea to implement it now may be:

Create a complex for each user (requestable, consumable, default 0) and attach 
it to the global exec_host configuration with the limit for this user. Put a 
default .sge_request in each home directory of each user with the line:

-l <username>=1

Well, it's working (also for parallel jobs) put can easily be bypassed. It 
depends of the fair play of your users to accept these limits. But if you 
notice that some are not following the rules, simply kill some of their jobs 
and they will learn to accept it (a cron job may help you: use the status 
script which can be found under file exchange at sunsource with options -acl 
and a script which checks the last number in each line for the runing jobs with 
your intended maximum slots).

Cheers - Reuti

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