[GE users] custom suspend method TSTP doesnt work for batch queues

andy andy.bezaire at zoran.com
Thu Sep 16 20:20:18 BST 2004

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i've found a strange problem.  please help.

i have 2 kinds of queues set up for each cpu. 1 batch queue and 1
interactive queue.

the system is set up so that the batch queue is subordiante to the
interactive queue, and the job in the batch queue becomes suspended when
there is a job in the interactive queue.

but there i have a problem with job suspension.

instead of the default suspend signal (SIGSTOP) i need to use the SIGTSTP
for suspend.  i have changed the queues to use the SIGTSTP as the suspend

as a test, i have set up the interactive queues to use this suspend method
when the queue is suspended and everything works fine.  that is, when the
queue is suspended, the job receives the TSTP signal and suspends.  the job
resumes when the queue is unsuspended.

but, for the batch queue, using the identical TSTP command and running the
identical job, the job does not pause on suspend.  it keeps going as if it
never heard the TSTP signal.

i manually sent the TSTP signal to the batch executed job using the kill
command and the pid of the running job, but it ignores this.

if i manually send TSTP with kill to the same job running executed thru the
interactive queue, it pauses as expected untill i send it CONT to resume.

it seems that teh TSTP signal is being ignored by the job launched by the
batch queue but not by the job launched by the interactive queue.

any idea how i can get the TSTP signal to go thru to the batch job launched


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