[GE users] custom suspend method TSTP doesnt work for batch queues

andy andy.bezaire at zoran.com
Fri Sep 17 17:29:34 BST 2004

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thanks for the ideas, i tried a bit more, details below:

>Why do you have to use SIGTSTP? You can catch SIGTSTP and raise a SIGSTOP:

i am running vcs under sge.  vcs uses licenses.  the SIGTSTP signal pauses
vcs and makes it give up its license.  SIGSTOP does not make it release its

>Can you start your program 'by hand' via an rsh/ssh to one node? Then there
also no terminal connected and seems also ignore the SIGTSTP (on the node).

i am able to manually launch the job with the rsh from

i can send the TSTP signal (with the kill command) to the job and it works
as it should (it pauses and gives up the license)

so the only problem i am having is trying to send the TSTP signal to a job
running in a batch queue.

i notice that when my jobs launch in a batch queue, i get the following

  Warning: no access to tty (Bad file descriptor).
  Thus no job control in this shell.

does this mean that i can't send signals to the job?  if yes, how do i fix

i don't get this message from a job launched in an interactive queue or with
rsh directly, so this could be the problem.  i'm not sure what this means or
how to fix it.


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