[GE users] priority and nice

BRINER Cedric work at infomaniak.ch
Tue Sep 21 20:03:27 BST 2004

> Hi Cedric,
>>I installed sge on a parc of 60 workstations. This are _workstation_ 
>>meaning that people use them to edit text, browse the web and do some 
>>compilations work.
>>And some users will have to launch 400 tasks which will take about 20 
>>hours each. And I'm wondering how to do to set the nice to 20 by sge so 
>>the main user of the workstation where this tasks compute will not be 
>>ennoyed because the workstation slow down.
>>Tell me if, this is the good solution, and if so how can I achieve this.

> you can still set the priority in a queue definition to 19 in 6.0 by setting 
> the reprioritize_interval to  00:00:00. If you have machines with one or two 
> CPUs (as I assume for your workstations) the scheduling can't make much of it 
> anyway - (in contrast to a SMP machine with 64 CPUs).

1) If I do what you've said, should I see a nice of 19 to this process ?
if it's the case, this is not working : (

2) this is what I have in my configuration

 > qconf -sconf global | grep prio
reprioritize                 0

 > qconf -ssconf | grep prio
reprioritize_interval             0:0:0
weight_priority                   1.000000

 > qconf -sq <a_queue> | grep prio
priority              0

Am I missing something

3) after digging a little bit the man
man queue_conf
I see:
      The priority parameter specifies the nice(2) value at  which
      jobs  in  this queue will be run. The type is number and the
      default is zero (which means no nice  value  is  set  expli-
      citly).  Negative  values (up to -20) correspond to a higher
      scheduling priority, positive values (up to +20)  correspond
      to a lower scheduling priority.

      The value of priority has  no  effect  because  SGE  adjusts
      priorities dynamically to implement the SGE entitlement pol-
      icy goals. Dynamic priority adjustment can be switched  off,
      by  setting  the reprioritize_interval to 00:00:00, which is
      the default value. In this case,  the  setting  of  priority
      also will haven't an effect.

So what shall I do ?



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