[GE users] Sequential array jobs

Orion Poplawski orion at cora.nwra.com
Tue Sep 21 23:23:58 BST 2004

Charu Chaubal wrote:
> Orion Poplawski wrote:
>  > Is it possible to submit an array job where the tasks execute 
> sequentially?
>  >
> Array jobs are intended to be mutually independent, so you can't have 
> dependency on sequence among them.
> Why not just submit jobs one by one with -hold_jid?
> If you find that submit time is long for submitting many jobs at once, 
> have you tried using GE 6?  Submit times for GE 6 can be quicker than 
> for SGE 5.3.

I guess I was just looking for a built in counter with the task ID 
providing step of the job to complete.  Also, with -hold_jid I need to 
determine the job ID of the previous qsub somehow, right?  Is there an 
easy way to do this or do I need to parse the output from qsub?

I think something like:

   qsub -t 1-10:sequential job

would be simpler than something like (excuse the shell mishmash):

   jid=`qsub job $x | <parse job id>`
   while [ $x -lt 11 ]
      jid=`qsub -hold_jid $jid job $x | <parse job id>`

I am using GE 6.


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