[GE users] strange OS X behaviour with 6.0u1 built from CVS 6.0u1_TAG

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Thu Sep 23 18:11:07 BST 2004

{summary: SGE "forgets" about configured submit hosts on OS X}

Has anyone seen symptoms like this before? Should I file an issue?

1- after installation things work fine

2- SGE is stopped, then restarted

3- 'qrsh' fails to work because 'this host is not a submit host'

4- "qconf -ss" shows that, yes, the host is a submit host

5- qrsh still does not work ('not a submit host')

6- "qconf -as" is used to re-add the host as a submit host

7- output of "qconf -ss" shows submit host listed *twice*

8- qrsh works again

9- SGE stopped/started

10- qrsh no longer works

When I first saw this on a large Apple cluster I was willing to blame 
our experimental config where we were using BerkeleyDB spooling to an 
Apple XSAN filesytem shared between 4x failover shadow masters. (works 
great BTW -- a good way to get a HA Apple SGE cluster...)

But now we are seeing this behaviour on our Apple powerbooks with 
vanilla configurations:

> bvtibook:~ root# SystemStarter stop SGE
> Welcome to Macintosh.
> Shutting down Grid Engine execution daemon
> Shutting down Grid Engine scheduler
> Shutting down Grid Engine qmaster
> Startup complete.
> Hangup
> bvtibook:~ root# SystemStarter start SGE
> Welcome to Macintosh.
> Initializing network
> Starting SGE Cluster
> starting sge_qmaster
> starting sge_schedd
> starting sge_execd
> Startup complete.
> Hangup
> bvtibook:~ root# qconf -ss
> bvtibook.cluster.private
> bvtibook:~ root# qrsh hostname
> error: denied: host "bvtibook.cluster.private" is no submit host
> bvtibook:~ root# qconf -as bvtibook.cluster.private
> bvtibook.cluster.private added to submit host list
> bvtibook:~ root# qrsh hostname
> bvtibook
> bvtibook:~ root# qconf -ss
> bvtibook.cluster.private
> bvtibook.cluster.private

This is the most interesting bit:

> bvtibook:~ root# qconf -ss
> bvtibook.cluster.private
> bvtibook.cluster.private

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