[GE users] strange OS X behaviour with 6.0u1 built from CVS 6.0u1_TAG

Andreas Doerr Andreas.Doerr at Sun.COM
Fri Sep 24 15:51:50 BST 2004


> May be this question is less stupid:
>     - did you (or can you) try the courtesy binaries? Same behavior?

I want to back this suggestion!

I did try to reproduce the behaviour you described, using the courtesy binaries.
However, everything works fine for me.

The test system is a PB with Mac OS X 10.3.5

> >> 4- "qconf -ss" shows that, yes, the host is a submit host
> >>
> >> 5- qrsh still does not work ('not a submit host')
> >>
> >> 6- "qconf -as" is used to re-add the host as a submit host
> >>
> >> 7- output of "qconf -ss" shows submit host listed *twice*

May I suggest, that you try to use a plain 'qsub' instead of 'qrsh'. This is
just to make sure, the problem is not 'qrsh'.

I tried a couple of 'qconf -ss/-ds/-as' with GE shutdown and startup in between.
No problem at all.

Especially I did not see double entries for submit hosts. 'qconf -as' simply
refused to add a host as a submit host, if already present. This is the expected

Andreas D.

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