[GE users] Strange behaviour of environment variables

Terry Lalonde tlalonde at potentiasemi.com
Fri Sep 24 19:09:24 BST 2004

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From: Terry Lalonde 
Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2004 5:09 PM
To: 'users at gridengine.sunsource.net'
Subject: strange behaviour of environment variables 

Running:  sge 6.0u1

  We are observing that some "weirdness" with environment variables.

please see the following description:

   User home directories are NFS shared across the grid
   We have a .cshrc file which defines an environment variable
   if it is not already defined.  for example:

   if (! $?HSPICE) then   
      setenv HSPICE 2004.09

   on the local host:
     echo $HSPICE returns  2004.9   as expected
   an interactive "qrsh"
     echo $HSPICE returns  2004.9   as expected
   issuing the command: 
     qrsh 'echo $SPICE'  returns  2004.03-SP1  <-which is an old value
   issuing the command:
     qrsh -V 'echo $SPICE'  returns 2004.9   as expected

   I had no success in determining where this historical value came from.
   It is a very specific value and historically the previous default value.
   There are no .??* files defining this (believe me).

   I restarted execd on ONE of the hosts and then restarted the
   qmaster processes on the qmaster. 

     qrsh 'echo $SPICE'  

    returns 2004.9      when it gets executed on the restarted host
    returns 2004.03-SP1 when it gets executed on any other host

    wtf?  :-)

    any ideas


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