[GE users] Help reg SGE 6.0 Globus 3.2 integration

Daniel Templeton Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM
Tue Sep 28 15:15:17 BST 2004

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I helped someone with the exact same symptoms last week.  His problem 
was that the sge_execd was not running as the right user.  Did you check 
that node2's execd is run as root or as the $SGE_ROOT directory owner?
Another thought would be to check that the SGE user on node2 has 
permission to write to the $SGE_ROOT over NFS.  If SGE is running as 
root, this can be an issue since root turns into nobody when it crosses 
NFS boundaries.


Shuja Parvez wrote:

>I have 2 nodes node1. SGE Master which is also the Globus gatekeeper and an
>execution host.
>node2. Execution host.
>I installed SGE succesfully and the jobs run on queues on both machines.
>But when i submit a job from globus to the Sun Grid engine, the job goes
>into the error state and i have the following message in the spooler:
>===8X message on node2===
>09/28/2004 15:57:23|execd|node2|E|shepherd of job 172.1 exited with exit
>status = 26
>09/28/2004 15:57:23|execd|node2|E|can't open usage file
>"active_jobs/172.1/usage" for job 172.1: No such file or directory
>09/28/2004 15:57:23|execd|node2|E|"can't read usage file for job 172.1
>===8X ===
>===8X message on qmaster ===
>09/28/2004 16:01:44|qmaster|node1|W|job 172.1 failed on host
>node2.cfd1.honda-ri.de general opening input/output file because: can't
>read usage file for job 172.1
>09/28/2004 16:01:44|qmaster|node1|W|rescheduling job 172.1
>===8X ===
>The jobs always go into the error state, and when i clear the error
>through qmon, the jobs are rescheduled on node1 and then it continues.
>Could anyone please help me out of this

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