[GE users] qsub and binary submissions

John Coldrick jc at axyzfx.com
Wed Sep 29 16:44:44 BST 2004

	I'm trying to submit a binary to SGE 6, and it's working on the most basic 
level, but I can't seem to get SGE to feed it the script I want the binary to 

	1. Binary program is "foo".  Syntax for submission is:

		foo bar fuss.cmd

	where bar is a binary file containing data, and fuss.cmd is a scripting file 
which will perform actions on bar.  Something like feeding a program file to 
awk, but this program doesn't have a "-f" flag  - you simply follow it with 
the data and the script.

	2.   I'm submitting with:

	qsub -b y foo bar fuss.cmd

	3.  The result is that the program "foo" seems to run just fine, but 
examining the out files shows that it doesn't appear to be getting the 
fuss.cmd file - and possibly not the "bar" either.  Oh - I'm giving absolute 
paths to everything, just to be safe.

	I'm having a hard time finding much documentation on submitting binaries in 
v6 - and it works - but I just need a hand on how to get the whole "foo bar 
fuss.cmd" to be sent at once.  Nope, quotes don't work...;)



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