[GE users] Unable to contact qmaster

Chakravarthi_Mohan Chakravarthi_Mohan at satyam.com
Fri Apr 1 10:59:40 BST 2005


We installed qmaster and execd in master node, "master_node" (Hostname).


Issue 1:


We tried to install "execd" in the client node "grid_1" (Hostname).


But following error is displayed during the "execd" installation @ the node



"Unable to contact qmaster using port 536 on host grid_1 "


I tried following steps to debug the issue,


1. qping -info master_node 536 qmaster 1


04/01/2005 04:21:02:


SIRM version:                         0.1

SIRM message id:                  1

Start time:                              03/31/2005 12:36:11 (1112272571)

Run time [s]:                          95238

Messages in read buffer:        0

Messages in write buffer:       0

Nr. of connected clients:         3

Status:                                    0

Info:                                        ok


2. Tried the telnet on the port 536 ,



Connected to mpinsight.

Escape character is '^]'.




3. qconf -sh on the master node,




It is clear from the above three steps, there is no abnormality. I.e. every
thing looks good.


But still when we try to install executor on the "grid node 1", it is not
looking for qmaster at "master_node" instead executor is searching for the
qmaster inside installation host i.e. in our case @ "grid_1".But the qmaster
is running @ "master_node". Both the machines are networked on the same


So what are the problems / issue here?


Kindly, help us to resolve this issue.









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