[GE users] combined/composite complexes

Olesen, Mark Mark.Olesen at arvinmeritor.com
Mon Apr 4 09:36:03 BST 2005

Yet another license management problem :(

Our CFD software has two different FlexLM "features" in use that are tracked
within gridengine via complexes:

Complex / Feature A
  * licenses for parallel calculations.
Complex / Feature B
  * licenses for interactive / serial / parallel use.

Generally, the system works quite well with this division. However, under
certain circumstances, it is desirable to allow a parallel job use some of
the licenses from complex B.

The first idea was to invent a virtual license group that represents the
combination of A and B:
	Complex C = Complex A + Complex B

Oversubscription is, however, a very obvious problem.

What I need is a means of letting the gridengine know that it can use both
types of resources:

For example,
	qsub -pe mpi 10 -l A=1,[B=1]
could mean "use B as well if you run out of A"

If I were to know a priori the exact number of licenses B that I needed to
use, I could write
	qsub -pe mpi 10 -l A=0.8,B=0.2

This, however, requires know the exact state of A & B when the job actually
starts. Otherwise the internal bookkeeping will be incorrect, since the
software always occupies all of feature A before it starts using feature B.

I'm hoping that someone has a solution or workaround in their bag-of-tricks
(Andy + Reuti perhaps?) for this problem.


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