[GE users] ptf complains: Job does not exist

Stephan Grell - Sun Germany - SSG - Software Engineer stephan.grell at sun.com
Tue Apr 5 17:31:24 BST 2005

Hi Vijay,

the warning has nothing todo with your job script. Which version are you 
running? I have
seen this problem before and I think it is fixed in the maintrunk, but I 
am not certain.


Vijay Avarachen wrote:

>Can someone please look at my job script and tell me what I am doing
>wrong?  I keep getting the following error message on the compute
>04/05/2005 11:14:20|execd|node4|W|reaping job "22" ptf complains: Job
>does not exist
>04/05/2005 11:17:20|execd|node4|W|reaping job "23" ptf complains: Job
>does not exist
>Here is my job script:
>#Make sure that the .e and .o file arrive in the working dir
>#$ -cwd
>#Mege the standard out and standard error to one file
>#$ -j y
>#$ -S /bin/bash
>set outfile=out.dat
>set outdir=/working/abaqus/$JOB_ID
>set TMPD=/working/$JOB_ID
>if (! -e $TMPD ) mkdir -p $TMPD
>if (! -e $outdir ) mkdir -p $outdir
>set input=`pwd`/2d-5wave-rigid-dies.inp
>echo Copying $input to $TMPD
>cp $input $TMPD
>echo Changing directory to $TMPD
>cd $TMPD
>ls -l
>echo Start Abaqus
>abq651 job=2d-5wave-rigid-dies cpus=2 interactive > $outfile
>set st=$status
>echo execution ended at `date` with status $st
>if ( $st != 0 ) then
>  echo exiting with bad status, look for files in $TMPD on `hostname`
>  exit $st
>unset status
>Vijay Avarachen
>PS. I did a reinstall of the SGE using the official binaries.  These
>jobs ran successfuly on my old install.

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