[GE users] Changing number of slots or nice with calendar

Timothy Bateman timb at cisra.canon.com.au
Wed Apr 6 13:40:19 BST 2005

Hi Reuti,

	My scenario is exactly as you surmised. I want to switch desktop 
workstations in of an evening or change the number of slots on those 
mahcines from say one slot with a nice of 19 to two slots with nice 0.

	I have been able to enable a machines on an individual basis using 
the calendar so far, but I am more interested in changing slots or nice.



(I have some resistance from colleagues to this plan. They seem to 
consider their machines as personal resources :-))

PS. is the protocol on the list to keep postings to the list or reply 
direct to an individual ? 

On Wed, 6 Apr 2005, Reuti wrote:

> Hi Tim,
> can you tell us a little bit more of the things you want achieve? E.g. 
> is the exec node a workstation, which will be used during day for 
> interactive work? Is it a SMP machine with 16 CPUs... ?
> The calendar will not enable or disable a machine, but queues. So having 
> two queues on a machine maybe already be an option (and one of them with 
> calendar).
> Cheers - Reuti

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