[GE users] Changing number of slots or nice with calendar

Stephan Grell stephan.grell at sun.com
Wed Apr 6 14:14:45 BST 2005

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Hi Timothy,

you can do as Reuti suggested. Have one set of queues for the day and 
another set for the night.
You can than configure each queue set to your needs (nice level, amount 
of slots,...)

There is a possible problem, if you turn-off the day queues for the 
night completely and turn on
the night queues. The length of a turn-on will be considered when a job 
is dispatched. This means,
that a long running job will never run in a queue, which will soon be 

Though the safest  would be to enable the night queues in addition to 
the day queues.

Just my 2cents.


Timothy Bateman wrote:

>Hi Reuti,
>	My scenario is exactly as you surmised. I want to switch desktop 
>workstations in of an evening or change the number of slots on those 
>mahcines from say one slot with a nice of 19 to two slots with nice 0.
>	I have been able to enable a machines on an individual basis using 
>the calendar so far, but I am more interested in changing slots or nice.
>(I have some resistance from colleagues to this plan. They seem to 
>consider their machines as personal resources :-))
>PS. is the protocol on the list to keep postings to the list or reply 
>direct to an individual ? 
>On Wed, 6 Apr 2005, Reuti wrote:
>>Hi Tim,
>>can you tell us a little bit more of the things you want achieve? E.g. 
>>is the exec node a workstation, which will be used during day for 
>>interactive work? Is it a SMP machine with 16 CPUs... ?
>>The calendar will not enable or disable a machine, but queues. So having 
>>two queues on a machine maybe already be an option (and one of them with 
>>Cheers - Reuti
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