[GE users] scheduling weirdness in 6.0u3

Sean Dilda agrajag at dragaera.net
Wed Apr 6 15:52:59 BST 2005

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Peter P Cebull wrote:
> Sean,
> I think we encountered exactly the same issues a few months ago. We also 
> have dual-proc nodes, and our work load is primarily parallel jobs with 
> 10-30 slots per job. I noticed that new jobs in many cases would get 
> assigned to a node that already had a slave running on it (I don't 
> recall now if master nodes were getting doubled up or just nodes with 
> slaves). We expected to see one slot assigned to each node before any 
> node had two slots assigned.

Thanks for the feedback.  I'm actually seeing this with parallel and 
non-parallel jobs.

> After some email exchanges with someone at Sun, we were told that there 
> were some known issues with the distribution of parallel jobs based on 
> the load formula. We were told to do the following: 1) set 
> complex_values to "slots=2" for the execution hosts, and 2) set 
> load_formula to "-slots" in the scheduler configuration. Since then we 
> have had no scheduling weirdness like we did before -- jobs are assigned 
> to nodes with no slots occupied first, then to nodes with one slot in 
> use if no empty slots are available.
> We are also running 6.0u3. Try the solution above and see if that helps.

I may try that if things get bad, but I'd much rather see the software 
work as its supposed to.  Did they give any indication as to when the 
problems would be fixed?



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