[GE users] Newbie questions

Schmitz Dale M Contr 20 IS/INPTG Dale.Schmitz at offutt.af.mil
Wed Apr 6 16:30:23 BST 2005

New to the Grid Engine here...


I've installed the software successfully in that I can run the startup
script on each system and see all the queues via the 'qstat -f' command.
Starting jobs on the engine is quite another story.  Initial attempts at
running an application on the engine have all failed, and it raises a
few questions:


Does my software require recompiling for the grid engine environment?  

Are the queue defaults sufficient or do they need to be

Why, when 'qstat -f' says all my queues are interactive, do I get an
error message saying there are no interactive queues, and there no jobs
running other then the one I tried to submit?

Is there any better documentation then the reference manual and the
Administration and User's Guide?  By better I mean more geared for the
newbie with more info on what's required to run under the engine.


Thanks for you help



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