[GE users] Help configuring grid to use ssh instead of rsh

Gary Thomas gthomas at ForteDS.com
Thu Apr 7 22:28:29 BST 2005

Hi, We have a grid setup with 30+ machines, and we've been having a lot
of problems

Lately with "poll" failures and "unable to read return code" failures.
I'm trying to switch

Over to using ssh to see if it has fewer problems, but I cant seem to
get it to work consistently.


I keep getting intermittent errors like this:


testing rdgrid08.q

ssh: connect to address port 38916: Connection refused


If I ^C at this point I get:


error: error waiting on socket for client to connect: Interrupted system

error: error reading returncode of remote command


Is anyone else using ssh, or are the some settings we can tweek for rsh
to avoid the "poll" and

"unable to read return code" errors?





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