[GE users] seeking donations of "qstat -xml" output from people

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Thu Apr 7 23:56:53 BST 2005

Being a total XML novice, I'm playing around with using XSLT to 
automatically transform the XML output from qstat into a well formed and 
"pretty" looking HTML table.

Step 1 is to do all of the XML transformation server-side and just send 
HTML to the browser. I'm making progress on this and it looks quite good 
now that I sorta get the hang of XSLT, DOM and XPATH. A simple web 
interface to qstat using pure XML instead of the usual 
parse-and-replace-plaintext methods I normally use with CGIs is the 
initial goal.

Step 2 is to send the raw XML and transformation stylesheet data so that 
the browser is forced to do the HTML transformation on the client.

Step 3 is to combine browser-based XSLT transformation with 
XHTML/DHTML/CSS and those neat Google-style javascript xmlhttprequest() 
methods that allow for inline content to be dynamically fetched, 
manipulated and refreshed within the browser window without requiring a 
mouse click or a HTTP POST operation.

As an example of what I'd like to be able to do:

I want a fast & dynamic web interface to SGE qstat that can do tricks 
like automatically fetch & insert into the existing XHTML table the 
specific error message reported by "qstat -xml -explain a" when someone 
moves their mouse over a table row representing a queue in alarm state.

Step 1,2 are doable pretty easily. Phase 3 requires some time to learn 
javascript and DHTML. That could take a while.

The current problem is that all the XML output that I'm transforming on 
is pretty basic/bland/boring because I'm just pulling data from a single 
cluster queue on my powerbook.

I need some serious qstat output. Output that shows running jobs, queues 
in disabled state, qstat commands that show the value of various 
standard and custom consumable resources, flexlm license tokens, 
priority values etc. etc. etc.

If anyone is willing to send me sample data I'd appreciate it! Your data 
will never be posted in public - it will only be used to test the XSL 
code to make sure that it can tell XSLT how to render-into-clean-HTML 
any sort of XML that is thrown at it.

Output that I'd be interested in:

  $ qstat -xml -f -F
  $ qstat -xml -explain <a|A|c|E>
  $ qstat -xml -f -pri -urg -pe <pe_name>
  <etc. etc.>

Think of the craziest-yet-useful qstat request you can make and prepend 
the command with the "-xml" switch. If the resulting data is not 
confidential or secret I'd love to be able to use it as a test case for 
the HTML rendering engine.

If I get anywhere with this I'll be posting the XSL and the monitoring 
utility online.



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