[GE users] SGE6 does not backfill

Juha Jäykkä juhaj at iki.fi
Mon Apr 11 10:57:34 BST 2005

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> Well, would be nice, if you could verify the fix. To test it, you would
> need to
> update all binaries. u3 will not work together with u4. The database did
> not change.

Uh. That makes it little more troublesome. I would *not* like to run "make
install" (or its equivalent). Replacing the binaries by hand is ok (since
I can then easily roll back to u3), but would I need to replace a host of
libraries as well?

Of course, I can just "mv /opt/gridengine /opt/SGE6.0u3", *if* and only
if, SGE stays there and does not change a thing outside that tree. I
assume that if I compile it with the equivalent of "configure
--prefix=/opt/gridengine", it'll stay in /opt/gridengine. Am I right? Or
do yo happen to have  RHEL3/lx24-amd64 binaries of u4 lying around
somewhere? :)

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