[GE users] GridEngine 6.0 for LinuxPPC

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 11 14:18:06 BST 2005

SGE 6.0 update 4 will add "offical" support for
LinuxPPC/PPC64. Currently, SGE 6.0 update 4 is our cvs
maintrunk, but will become SGE 6.0u4 after testing.

Reuti and a few other people successfully run this
release on Debian/PPC, SLES/SuSE, RHEL/Redhat. And
AFAIK, SGE 5.3 on LinuxPPC/p-series was already used
in production environments.

To try SGE on PPC:
1) checkout SGE maintrunk (ie. non-branched cvs head)

2) building SGE on PPC is no different than any other
platforms, see the presentation:
"Working in the Grid Engine Project Part I"

All features of SGE are supported with this port,
including qmake/qtcsh.

Also want to tell you that Terra Soft (maker of Yellow
Dog Linux) will be shipping SGE with their Y-HPC


They tried to port SGE themselves, but later found
that it is already in our cvs. Hmm, the Rocks guys
also did the same thing with their AMD64 port. But
eventually the Rocks guys switched to our version, and
no forking of the source happened, so no one needs to
worry :)

Lastly, if any changes are needed, please discuss on
the SGE dev list, and/or open an "issue" in the
project DB.


> > I've been looking for the PowerPC/Linux version of
> > SGE and cant say I've
> > found anything... could you point me to the
> specific
> > version?

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