[GE users] Scripting help

Schmitz Dale M Contr 20 IS/INPTG Dale.Schmitz at offutt.af.mil
Mon Apr 11 14:22:31 BST 2005

I can't seem to find (or maybe interpret) the info I need to send
command line parameters to a script that I'm qsub'ing.  I read from the
qsub man page that I should be able to:


qsub <scriptfile> -- <options>


However, I don't quite understand how to receive the options in the
<scriptfile> so that they can be passed along to the executable.


As it stands, I have a process that submits a job thusly:


vqcib.csh $*


...in a tcsh environment.  "vqcib" is a script that executes "vqcib.exe
$*".  My question is how can I rewrite vqcib.csh to allow me to qsub it
and pass the parameters ($*) along to the executable.  I don't see any
method in the qsub man page or the Administration and Users's Guide for
using the #$ script prefix for doing this.






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