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Rayson Ho raysonho at eseenet.com
Tue Apr 12 06:14:22 BST 2005

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You can always download SGE binaries and try to play with it. You don't
need to be root to install SGE (use TCP ports over 1024), and you don't
need a dedicated machine.
(For less common OS/platforms, you do need to compile from source,

SGE and LSF are very similar, except:
- LSF 5.0 or above has a scheduler API, and SGE is in the process of
  it  (AFAIK, the code is ready, and will be checked into cvs after
  is released)
- only the commercial version of SGE offers the accounting module. For
  if you are willing to pay, there are similar products.
- only the commercial version of SGE offers the Windows port
- SGE has more DIY stuff that you can (or you needed to) play with, like
  AFS/Krb. You can even take the SGE source and compile under Cygwin to get
  free version of SGE under Windows.

In terms of scaling, both SGE and LSF can handle clusters with over
thousands of nodes (Linux has a system bug, so you need to use SGE 6.0u4 or
above to get a workaround). In terms of scheduling, there is 1 thing that I
think can be improved in SGE (issue 35, 1245, and friends) - there are
workarounds, but if we can get it fixed in SGE 6.1, it would be nice. In
terms of security, SGE offers more features, like SSL/SSH,
submit/admin/exec only node. And also, SGE supports the BSDs. On the other
hand, LSF offers SLA in 6.x - I don't think I need it, but I don't know
your setup/requirements so I can't tell.

Also, in terms of SGE support, this list is good enough for many people.
For more advanced support, I believe you can find from:


But if the cluster is mission critical, then I would choose to get it from
Sun or from Raytheon (ie. Shannon), as they understand the code very well.

For LSF, commercial support is not an issue (as long as you are willing to
pay, but SGE commercial support is non-free as well!).


>thanx all for your helpful responses.  Looks like  I have a lot of 
>research to do.
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