[GE users] Does nice always work when determining which waiting job to assig n to a node first?

Marconnet, James E Mr /Computer Sciences Corporation james.marconnet at smdc.army.mil
Tue Apr 12 16:31:12 BST 2005

Using 6.0u3. Had some reports yesterday that some waiting jobs from a que
with nice=0 were still waiting after some waiting jobs from a different que
with nice=19 started running on nodes previously running jobs with nice=19.
The "wronged" users figuratively went on the warpath soon afterwards.

We are using que subordination to prevent too many jobs from different ques
from running on the same nodes at the same time, but that works on a
node-by-node basis, and it seemed to be working OK.

Anything In particular I should know about this or to look for

Jim Marconnet

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