[GE users] Does nice always work when determining which waiting job to assign to a node first?

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue Apr 12 16:40:20 BST 2005


nice is not used for scheduling, but you can use a seq_no for the two 
queue types, to fill first the nice=0 queue. But suspending a nice=19 
queue - mhh then this queue could also have just nice of 0, as it's 
suspended anyway, if the nice=0 queue is filled (if I got you correctly).

CU - Reuti

Marconnet, James E Mr /Computer Sciences Corporation wrote:
> Using 6.0u3. Had some reports yesterday that some waiting jobs from a 
> que with nice=0 were still waiting after some waiting jobs from a 
> different que with nice=19 started running on nodes previously running 
> jobs with nice=19. The "wronged" users figuratively went on the warpath 
> soon afterwards.
> We are using que subordination to prevent too many jobs from different 
> ques from running on the same nodes at the same time, but that works on 
> a node-by-node basis, and it seemed to be working OK.
> Anything In particular I should know about this or to look for 
> settings-wise?
> Thanks!
> Jim Marconnet

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