[GE users] Mac OS X inst_sge -x does not install init script

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Thu Apr 14 03:32:45 BST 2005

We still write our own SGE startup items. The main issue seems to be in 
reliably running the sgeexecd startup script moments after system boot 
when the script and SGE binaries live on a remote NFS server -- all 
things point to initial oddness when OS X first starts up and starts 
automounting filesystems. We have not dug much deeper but the script we 
have actually works reliably for us. A bit hackish/cheezy though...

The current SystemStarter script we have does the following:

o Checks system uptime, if server reports uptime of greater than 4 
minutes than the "official" startup scripts are called ASAP even if they 
are on a NFS mounted file system. This allows an admin to do "sudo 
SystemStarter start SGE" as normal on any node.

o If the system reports uptime of less than 4 minutes then we assume a 
node has been rebooted and we use the /bin/at utility to schedule the 
execution of a 2nd local script in "+ 1 minutes". The local script 
starts up 60 seconds later and runs the sgeexecd script off the NFS mount.

We originally used at to schedule "+ 1 minutes" execution of the startup 
script on the NFS server but that was ocasionally not reliable. Changing 
the /bin/at call to invoke a local wrapper script seems to do the trick 
- when it fires up +60 seconds later it can reliably invoke files on the 
NFS mount.


Andy Moran wrote:
> Hello!
> We just upgraded to 6.0u3.  I was hoping that the OS X init script issue
> would be resolved, but I guess it's not since inst_sge -x  still doesn't
> install an init script for OS X.
> How is anyone working around this?  What do your StartupParameters.plist
> files specify for what it 'Requires'?   Are you putting in sleep
> statements, and if so, for how long?
> Also, if it is a bug with OS X 10.3 that isn't fixable, does it look
> like it's fixed with 10.4?
> Cheers!
> --Andy

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