[GE users] LSF vs SGE

Göran Uddeborg uddeborg at carmen.se
Thu Apr 14 10:16:08 BST 2005

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> Why would anyone use a DRM that costs $ such
> as LSF when grid SGE is free?

They are not completely compatible.  There are pros and cons both
ways.  We are currently migrating from LSF to SGE.  These are the main
problems we have with missing features in SGE.

1. Slot level preemption.  Our jobs have different priorities, which
   we sort in different queues high/medium/low.  These are
   subordinated in the obvious way.  We have one job slot per CPU on
   each machine.

   If the low queue is full, and there comes a job in the medium queue
   on a host, SGE will suspend all jobs in the low queue.  LSF jost
   stopped one of them, which is what we would want.

2. Expressiveness in resource requirements.  LSF resource requirements
   have a full C-style expressive power.  SGE requirements are just a
   conjunction of requirements of the form "attribute RELOP limit"
   where RELOP is predefined in the configuration.

   As examples, in our LSF setup we did use requirements like
   "available memory larger than 100 MB or paging rate less than
   200 pg/s."  (mem >= 100 || pg < 200.0) and "maximum memory per cpu
   larger than 1200 MB" (maxmem/ncpus >= 1200).  These kinds of
   requirements are not possible to express in SGE

We are still doing the migration.  There are other things that are
easier in SGE.  Other users will certainly see other differences as
the important ones.  And SGE is open source, so one day we might do
something about these problems ourselves, if nobody else does it

But my main point is that there are differences between the systems.
Differences which might very well be big enough that somebody wants or
needs to use LSF rather than SGE.

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