[GE users] Documentation of -auto installation flag

Göran Uddeborg uddeborg at carmen.se
Thu Apr 14 11:52:02 BST 2005

In the "N1 Grid Engine 6 Installation Guide" chapter 3 "Automating the
Installation Process" there is a list of steps on page 52.  In the
first step it says "If you attempt to use this procedure running as
the root user, the procedure will fail."

It is not completely clear what "this procedure" refers to.  But for
all interpretations I can think of, it seems wrong.

- If it refers to this very step, the chown command, then root
  permissions is REQUIRED on most systems.  (Unless the files are
  already owned by sgeadmin.)

- If it refers to the entire automated installation process, then it
  still works for root.  If you want to install RC files, you HAVE to
  be root.  And the times I have tried, I've always been running as
  root, and it has worked.

Is this a plain documentation error, which I should bugzilla?  Or is
there something I'm missing here?  What could the intended meaning be?

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