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Marco Donauer Marco.Donauer at Sun.COM
Thu Apr 14 13:46:48 BST 2005

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this is a documentation bug. Till this version we had the problem, that
the autoinstallation didn't consider the adminuser, now this bug fixed.
To set a explicit adminuser, the binaries and the SGE_ROOT has to be 
owned by the admin user.
This was the only way to set the adminuser name.
The autoinstall procedure runs very well as user root!

Please file a bug.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Göran Uddeborg wrote:

>In the "N1 Grid Engine 6 Installation Guide" chapter 3 "Automating the
>Installation Process" there is a list of steps on page 52.  In the
>first step it says "If you attempt to use this procedure running as
>the root user, the procedure will fail."
>It is not completely clear what "this procedure" refers to.  But for
>all interpretations I can think of, it seems wrong.
>- If it refers to this very step, the chown command, then root
>  permissions is REQUIRED on most systems.  (Unless the files are
>  already owned by sgeadmin.)
>- If it refers to the entire automated installation process, then it
>  still works for root.  If you want to install RC files, you HAVE to
>  be root.  And the times I have tried, I've always been running as
>  root, and it has worked.
>Is this a plain documentation error, which I should bugzilla?  Or is
>there something I'm missing here?  What could the intended meaning be?
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