[GE users] installation questions

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Thu Apr 14 14:03:24 BST 2005


Kernel versions are fine but tell us your architecture as well :)

The current version of SGE is 6.0u3 although 6.0u4 is coming out soon 
most likely.

The docs are here:

Those docs will get you very far along in your install process

BDB is used for storing spooling and state information. It is required 
unless you want to use "classic" spooling which uses text files instead 
of berkeleydb files for storage. Has nothing to do with Postgres/MySQL.

Good luck!


Jason Bradley Nance wrote:

> Hello everyone,
>     I'm attempting to install SGE on a test cluster in preparation of a 
> new cluster purchase and have a couple questions.
>     First, what is the recommended stable version?  I'm running a 2.6 
> kernel on this cluster and didn't see any pre-compiled binaries for it, 
> so I grabbed the source from CVS.
>     Is Postgres required or is it an alternative to BDB?  Can MySQL be 
> used?
>     I was trying to find some installation docs on the website, and it 
> seems that most of the docs are still centered around 5.3.  Also, all of 
> the links on the documentation page under the "User and Administrator 
> Manuals" section are broken.
>     Am I looking on the wrong website for information? 
> (http://gridengine.sunsource.net/)
> Thanks.
> j

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