[GE users] NFS errors

Schmitz Dale M Contr 20 IS/INPTG Dale.Schmitz at offutt.af.mil
Thu Apr 14 19:49:26 BST 2005

My grid is operating fine with the exception of the intolerable number
of NFS errors generated by files in


Looking at the permissions on those files, I see that they belong to the
user that started the grid job, and the group is the user's group, which
is also sgeadmin's group.  I recently changed sgeadmin's group to
reflect the user's group when I noticed these files took the user's
ownership, but sgeadmin's group-ship.


The errors are still persistent however.  The number of NFS generated
errors is intolerable and clogging up my system logs.  Does any have a
suggestion on how permissions/ownerships should be set to eliminate
these errors?




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