[GE users] Why doesn't qsh give you your login shell?

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Fri Apr 15 10:11:20 BST 2005


I already send my xterm wrapper script (which you would configures as xterm
cxommand in the cluster/local config when using it) a couple of time to the
list - please forgive my repeated posting.

You can modify and extend the template that the login shell from the user is
retrieved and passed as an argument to the xterm command.



echo Args: > $LF.log
for i in "$@"; do
    echo ">>>>>>>$i<<<<<<<" >> $LF.log

#echo ---------------------------- >> $LF.log
#set                               >> $LF.log
#echo ---------------------------- >> $LF.log


echo xterm $1 "$2" -lf $LF -l -e "/bin/tcsh" -f >> $LF.log

exec /usr/bin/X11/xterm $1 $2 -lf $LF -l -e "/bin/tcsh" -f


> Hej.
> The subject says it all, why don't I get my login shell when I use 
> qsh(5.3p6)?
> Is it a bug or a feature?
> I've fixed it by putting my login shell into ~/.sge_request, but having to 
> copy already available information into .sge_request for each and every user 
> isn't exactly something I look forward to.
> regards

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