[GE users] Why doesn't qsh give you your login shell?

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Fri Apr 15 11:44:07 BST 2005

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> Andy Schwierskott wrote:
>> Reuti,
>> your suggestion would affect all jobs including the batch jobs. The 
>> question
> Although I set "shell_start_mode unix_behavior" as mentioned? The "shell" 
> entry is used for qsh this way, the first line of the script for batch jobs.

I was not careful in ym answer: For "shell_start_mode unix_behavior" the
"shell" or "-S" switch is not considered. For posix_compliant the default
shell is onyl used if the user doesn't override it with "-S".


> CU - Reuti
>> was about qsh jobs only. But your suggestion is indeed interesting:-)
>> Andy
>>> Hi,
>>> it will take the entry from the queue definition. This can e.g. be put in 
>>> a wrapper to get a proper login shell.
>>> shell                 /home/reuti/qsh_starter
>>> and the qsh_starter is simply to add the -l as argument:
>>> #!/bin/sh
>>> exec /bin/sh -l
>>> As long as the "shell_start_mode unix_behavior" is set, this will not 
>>> change the behavior of batch jobs.
>>> Cheers - Reuti
>>> Magnus Söderberg wrote:
>>>> Hej.
>>>> I take it it's a feature then. 8-)
>>>> I just couldn't find anything in the documentation on what shell to 
>>>> expect when using qsh.
>>>> Thank you for the example, I will work with that.
>>>> /Magnus
>>>> Andy Schwierskott wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I already send my xterm wrapper script (which you would configures as 
>>>>> xterm
>>>>> cxommand in the cluster/local config when using it) a couple of time to 
>>>>> the
>>>>> list - please forgive my repeated posting.
>>>> ........

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