[GE users] compilation questions

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Fri Apr 15 14:20:57 BST 2005


please use the "dev" list for these questions.


> Hello again everyone,
>    I'm a bit confused on how to use aimk to compile everything.  I read 
> through the README.DEPEND and README.aimk and followed the instructions up to 
> the actual compilation step (did the dependency stuff).  Everything goes 
> fine, but when I run "aimk" to compile everything, it only tries to parse the 
> man pages and not any code for the daemons and other executables.
> My aimk.private looks like this:
> set argv = ( -gettext -htmlman -intl -no-java -no-jni -man -spool-berkeleydb 
> -j 3  $* )
> And I updated my aimk.site to reflect my system setup.
> The READMEs say that the -only-* flags are mutually exclusive, but I don't 
> have any of those...
> Sooo, how do I compile the full system?

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