[GE users] SGE6 does not backfill

Juha Jäykkä juhaj at iki.fi
Mon Apr 18 11:40:47 BST 2005

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> That is good news. Thank you very much. We expected it. However, the bug
> is not fixed. We will need the fix real bug behind it. It is just very,
> very unlikely now. 

The real bug being that extra signal the job gets while in "t" state? Just

> Is everything else in the 6.0u4beta working for you?
> Anything you noticed?
> Pe jobs should start almost immediately. Can you confirm that?

In short: yes, no, yes. :)

Everything seems to work fine, except that one parallel job got stuck in
MPI_Barrier (because it thought one of the processes in the MPI universe
had died) while I did a cluster-wide "killall sge_execd", reinstall and
restart. It may not be sge-related, though I think it is: it was my own
code, it's never behaved like that before and I see no reason it should
have now.

Also, I have not been able to see a parallel job in "t" state since I
installed the newest CVS HEAD. Thus it is at least faster than I can say

> Again, thanks for you cooperation.

Thank you, too. This has been both instructive and very helpful. And the
cluster can now be fully used, once again. Thanks!

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