[GE users] Automated installation & BerkeleyDB

Alan Carriou Alan.Carriou at jet.uk
Tue Apr 19 14:05:52 BST 2005

Hi everybody,

(disclaimer: It's my first mail on this mailing-list, so tell me if it's 
not the good one)

I have a problem using the automated installation with a BerkeleyDB for
SGE 6.0u3.

In our cluster, a NFS server, say host1, is set up, and exports 
/sge-root/ to every computer. What we'd like to do is to use:
- host1 as a Berkeley DB server,
- another host, say host2, as the master host
(and of course a few shadow and execution hosts)
As the NFS is already a single point of failure, I guess installing the 
BerkeleyDB on the same server won't be much harmful.

When I try to install manually the master host, with "inst_sge -m" on
host2, everything goes fine. I install the BerkeleyDB on host1 when it 
tells me that I can, and it completes without any problem. Then I set up 
some execution hosts with the automated installation, everything's fine.

But, as there are quite a few computers that we're going to use in the
cluster, I'd prefer using the automated installation. So I tried it on a 
fresh installation. As the manual tells me, I've first installed the 
Berkeley DB on host1 with the interactive command "inst_sge -db". I have 
put the spooldb directory in /sge-root/testgrid/spooldb/. The server is 
alive, and seems to work.

Then I wanted to use the automated procedure for the master and the
execution hosts. So, I tried

inst_sge -m -x -auto myfile.conf

on host2. But the script fails with "The spooling directory 
/sge-root/testgrid/spooldb/ already exists! Exiting installation!". As 
the BerkeleyDB server has already been set up, the directory indeed exists.

So, either I am missing something, either there is a bug in the 
automated installation. It seems that the installation of the master 
host tries to create DB_SPOOLING_DIR locally, or at least checks is 
presence, even if a BerkeleyDB is configured on a remote host.

Should I set the spooldb DB_SPOOLING_DIR to another location, not shared 
on the NFS ? Or have I forgotten something ?


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