[GE users] Shadow master installation

Alan Carriou Alan.Carriou at jet.uk
Thu Apr 21 09:27:06 BST 2005

Hi everybody,

I have two questions about the installation of a shadow master host:

- When I used "inst_sge -m" to set up the master host, I provided a 
shadow master name. Then I installed the shadow master on the right host 
with "inst_sge -sm". Now the shadow_masters file contains only the name 
of the shadow master host, although it is said in the "N1GE 
Administration Guide", p.20, and in the HOWTO, that the file should also 
contain the name of the primary master host. Is it normal, and should I 
manually edit the file (as the HOWTO says) ?

- Does the "inst_sge -sm" install an init.d rc script for starting the 
shadow master ? I saw none, so I wonder...
As sge_shadowd checks the heartbeat file before doing anything, I guess 
it is safe to start the shadowd any when.


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