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Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Thu Apr 21 17:46:54 BST 2005


The reporting file is available in the non-commercial version. You just 
need to enable it and tell it what things you would like it to report 
on. Hopefully someone on this list can guide you from memory but if not 
I can dig into my notes.

Besides the SQL back end and front end query and reporting tools ARCO 
just uses the standard reporting and accounting files. The one "extra" 
thing that it does that is not included with the non-commercial grid 
engine is that while processing the reporting/accounting files it also 
pauses to calculate/create additional interesting "derived" data tidbits.


Shaila Parashar wrote:

> I wish we had the budget to get the commercial version. That would have 
> made my life so much easier . But at this point that is not possible. I 
> looked for the reporting file, but did not find any such file in the SGE 
> directory structure. So, I guess this file is created only in the 
> commerical version of the software.
> Shaila
> Richard Hierlmeier wrote:
>> Shaila,
>> the commercial version of the gridengine includes the Accounting and 
>> Reporting
>> Console. It also includes a daemon which imports the reporting and 
>> accounting data
>> into a realation database (postgresql an oracle is supported).
>> This tools uses the reporting file 
>> ($SGE_ROOT/$SGE_CELL/common/reporting) not the
>> accounting file. All information you need should be included in this 
>> file.
>> Regards
>>   Richard
>> Shaila Parashar wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> We have a cluster consisting of 4 nodes  running SGE 6.0u3 .  The 
>>> number of CPUs on these nodes are 24, 12, 8 and 4 . We have been 
>>> running this cluster since Aug 2004 and are now in need of some 
>>> statistics. I read the mailing lists and did get some ideas about the 
>>> statistics. I also imported the accounting file into MySQL . I did 
>>> manage to get statistics on the jobs - as average CPU time used, 
>>> average waiting time, etc. But we need statistics similar to the 
>>> following :-
>>> Number of CPU's used versus time. Also number oc CPUs used on each of 
>>> the hosts vs time.
>>> Basically we need plots vs time.
>>> I wanted to know if this is possible from the SGE accounting files 
>>> and if so how ?
>>> I would appreciate it if  you can suggest of any other values that we 
>>> can plot against time.
>>> Any ideas/suggestions on how to get these values ( if possible ) will 
>>> be really appreciated.
>>> Thanks
>>> Shaila

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