[GE users] SGE 6.0 - qmon queue values reverting to default

Dan Gruhn Dan.Gruhn at Group-W-Inc.com
Fri Apr 22 13:22:27 BST 2005

Hi Mike,

I am using 6.0u3 on Linux and don't see this happen when the particular
field is unlocked.  However, if I change the number of slots for a
particular host and then lock the entry, it reverts back to the default
value.  I have just assumed the one has to leave the field unlocked if
one wants a different value from the default.

Is this what is happening to you?


On Thu, 2005-04-21 at 19:55, Walt Minkel wrote:

> Hi All,
> In SGE 6.0u1 on  Solaris 8.
> In a cluster queue, all in the same qmon session:   If after looking at 
> queue's values that are
> different than the @/ (default), I exit the modify cluster form by 
> clicking "cancel",  the next
> time I modify the cluster all of the values for that queue have reverted 
> to the default. 
> If I cancel and exit out of qmon, then re-open qmon,  the values return 
> to their state before
> the cancel the original cancel.
> For example, if a cluster's default is 5 slots per host except for one 
> host which has 10 slots.
> If after browsing around that hosts forms,  I cancel.  The host will 
> show 5 slots the next
> time I call it up (all within the same qmon session).
> It appears like the qmon gui is not in-sync with files in the spool 
> directory.
> Have other seen this?  Is there a patch?
> Thanks,
>      Walt
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