[GE users] FW: SGE Does Something Bad to rsh

Rayson Ho raysonho at eseenet.com
Fri Apr 22 23:21:30 BST 2005

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>We're using SGE 5.3p6 -- we should upgrade to SGE 6.03u soon.

update 4 will be released soon :)

>Somehow, SGE is using ssh instead of rsh.

I think the application is using /usr/bin/rsh, which is different than the
one shipped with SGE, and thus it is not accepting the -p option.

Can you use the command sequence from ("What rsh command is compiled into a
binary?") to determine what is compiled into the application??


If the application is linked against MPICH lib dynamically (use ldd to
check that), then you should replace "programname" with the dynamic MPICH


> Can someone tell me what the (global) SGE
>should look like to use rsh?   
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Rossi, Angelo
>To: Research Technology Fellows
>Sent: 4/22/2005 4:28 PM
>Subject: SGE Does Something Bad to rsh
>Hello My Fellow Tech Fellows:
>Here is what I did:
>1) I recompiled the mpich library using the pgi compiler so that it uses
>instead of ssh.
>2) I compiled a test program that uses mpi (the pingpong program) and
>it to the new mpich library.  Using the following command:
>/home/m254/rossi/mpich/bin/mpirun -nolocal -np 2 -machinefile
>"-nolocal" spawns parallel tasks on remote nodes defined in machinefile.
>3) Now try the same program using the sge batch engine.  Here is the
>#$ -pe mpich 2
>#$ -cwd
>#$ -N pingpongf90
>#$ -j y
>#$ -S /bin/bash
>/home/m254/rossi/mpich/bin/mpirun -np $NSLOTS -machinefile
>./pingpongf90.x >pingpongf90.out
>Here is what is in the error file:
>/usr/bin/rsh: invalid option -- p
>usage: rsh [-nd] [-l login] host [command]
>/home/m254/rossi/mpich/bin/mpirun: line 1: 18306 Broken pipe
>/home/m254/rossi/parallel_examples/./pingpongf90.x -p4pg
>/home/m254/rossi/parallel_examples/PI18222 -p4wd
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