[GE users] YOUR help needed: ISV apps integrated with SGE

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Mon Apr 25 16:29:59 BST 2005


there's been a tremendous amount of questions and help how to integrate SGE
with ISV/3rd party applications over the past years. Some of you also
created great HOWTO's about application integration.

If you cannot disclose publicly which applications you run on your site, you
can send the information directly to me - I'll treat the origin strictly
confidential when listing your apps.

I'm asking you for your input for two reasons:

    - create a HOWTO which demonstrates the broad range of applications which
      run with Grid Engine. This will be very useful information for Grid
      Engine newbies and helps to
    - identify for which applications integration HOWTO's are missing or
      should be improved.

Please send your feedback about all areas where you run Grid Engine: EDA,
biotech, MCAD, Finance, Science&Research, DDC (Digital Content Creation),

Could you please include the following information in your feedback:

- vendor name
- application name
- application version
- application category (EDA, ....)
- OS'es known to run
- requires (e.g. MPI version XYZ)
- issues

Naturally there are also "integrations" which you might not consider worth
to be mentioned because they just work out-of-the-box in a batch environment
- please list them as well.


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