[GE users] looking for feedback: new web interface to qstat based on XML to HTML transform

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Tue Apr 26 00:49:59 BST 2005


A few people already know about this but I'm now at the point where the 
code seems to be approaching "possible usefullness."

I've been working on a web interface for SGE 'qstat' that relies on the 
XML coming from the "qstat -xml" option rather than the usual "parse and 
  apply HTML tags to plaintext outout" that I used to do in the past.

This new interface has the following advantages:

o all HTML generated automatically by XSLT transform via XSL stylesheets

o In the future we can make the browser do the XSLT transform, It is 
done it server-side now for convenience & speed of development. When 
this is working the end result will be a web interface to SGE qstat with 
relatively little in the way of server-side requirements.

o If you hover the mouse over the queue state column, a popup will 
explain the reason for any queue alarm states. I can do the same for job 
status codes but have not got around to coding it yet.

o The CGI can make dynamic "google style" javascript xmlhttprequest() 
calls back to the qmaster in order to fetch interesting data that is not 
part of qstat output. Currently I've added the ability to:

  - view qmaster messages
  - view scheduler messages
  - view execd messages
  - view all queue instance resources/complex values

This is actually the most useful thing for me right now as I can do 
first-pass SGE debugging within a browser window (no more digging around 
manually in $SGE_ROOT poking at spool logs).

The interface has the following disadvantage:

o Abusing the the heck out of DHTML|XHTML and CSS. This interface will 
not work at all unless you use a modern browser that capably handles 
javascript and CSS stylesheets. Some of the stuff I *really* want to do 
requires XPath2 and CSS2 support so I'm guessing there will be a 
continual need to use the latest browser versions.

o Will not work at all wth SGE 5.x (requires "qstat -xml")

o Until SGE 6.0u4 comes out with the fix for "qstat -xml segfaults if 
jobs are in error state" bug is cleared, the interface will "go blank" 
if qstat segfaults during the xml status query.

o Will not work with Internet Explorer browser. The problem is minor and 
the main symptom is that the inline popups do not seem to show linebreaks.

The temporary URL is here:


Tested with: Mozilla, Firefox (Mac & Win) & Safari on OS X

** will not work with IE / Internet Explorer **

I'm looking for:

-- Trying to understand if this may be useful enough to others that I 
should spend the time to document it up and package it as a standalone 
project. Right now a version of this stuff will be used for my own 
professional and personal work.  Comments on the overall 
utility/usefulness along with suggestions for features or improvements 
would be welcome.


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